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We've been Installing Hardwood Floors, Refinishing, Staining and Repairing Wood flooring in the Portland Oregon metropolitan area for as long as we can remember. As one of Portland, Oregon's Top Hardwood Flooring Contractors, we're dedicated to providing the most streamlined process when it comes to Hardwood Flooring Installation, Recoating, Sealing & Refinishing and Repair & Restoration of your Hardwood floors. We use a Ductless Sanding and Refinishing process that is completely ECO Friendly and will not harm you or anything in your Household.
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The Stains and Sealants we use for hardware floor sealing and refinishing are
Water-Based, and 100% Eco-Friendly!

Contractor Services we Offer

  • Hardwood Flooring Installation
    Whether your looking to Replace old Wood Floors or Remove Existing Carpet, Vinyl or Tile floors and install Hardwood, We can help with your New Hardwood Flooring installations. Our Clean installations are Eco-Friendly, very low Odor (almost odorless) and depending on the size of the area, our Installs are Fast and very Affordable and Cheap!
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  • Hardwood Floors Refinishing
    Refinishing or Restaining old, aged wood floors rather than replacing them with new olds can update a home drastically! Your rooms will light up with newly finished hardwood floors. Not only will your floors look appealing, but the Value of your Home will go up as well.
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  • Hardwood Floor Repair
    Cracks, Gaps, Creaky and Squeaky Hardwood floors are not pleasant to the Ears or Eyes. Wood floors can become dull and scartched over time due to heavy use, moving furniture, pet damage, water damage and spills. Our team of professionals will try to make your floors look and sound like new, while matching the existing finish stain you have.
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  • Types of Hardwood Flooring
    We offer all sorts of different types of Hardwood flooring, from Real Wood to Engineered Wood flooring options, to Bamboo flooring - we use Local and Exotic woods from Local Hardwood Retailers/Suppliers. The type of wood is dependent on the style you want, as well as the hardness. Popular types of wood are Oak, Pine, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Brazilian Teak, Tigerwood and Our Colors of flooring range from Natural shades like Tan and Brown to Red, Burgundy, Grey and Orange. We also can help you with Cork and Laminate Flooring as well.
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