Residential and Commercial Hardwood Flooring Services we offer

Our company offers only the Highest Quality craftsmanship to everyone we do business with. As a Local Portland company, being Trustworthy, Honest and Reliable is something we take seriously, all the while keeping your house Clean while we perform our duties is Standard Practices for us. Our Motto is to go Above and Beyond our duties and deliver the best service and product to every client, every Time. We are passionate about our line of work and we leave every project knowing that we put 100% effort into completing it to the fullest and to the best of our abilities.

Service List

  • New Hardwood Flooring Installation
  • Old Hardwood Flooring Repair, Refinishing, Resurfacing and Restoration
  • Local and Exotic Hardwood Choices
  • Repair Water Damaged Hardwood Floors
  • Replace cracked or Damaged Hardwood Floor boards/pieces
  • Resealing, Refinishing and Re-coating of Used or Worn Hardwood Floor
  • Water-Based and Oil Based Finishes Available for Use.
  • Multi-Color Staining
  • Stairway Installation
  • Custom Hardwood inlays and Medallions
  • Dustless Sanding for Every Project
  • Finish DIY Hardwood Flooring Projects

Important Steps of Hardwood Floor Installation

Before staring a new project, there are a few Important steps that need to be taken before we can start on the process of installing a new hardwood floor in your home. One of the most important steps to ensuring your new Hardwood floors will now crack, squeak or creak after installation is making sure the wood has Acclimated with the temperature and humidity of your home before installation. By simply having the wood dropped off and placed inside of your home near the location of installation, the wood will have time to become accustomed to the environment in your home and minimize any chances of moisture problems or warping, de-laminating or gaps after the hardwood has been installed. Minimizing any changes in humidity and controlling the temperature of your house when preparing to install hardwood floors is crucial to the outcome of the installation. We recommend that you keep your house at the same temperature when the hardwood floors are delivered and maintain a constant humidity in your home. We suggest you keep your Humidity levels between 40%-60% in order to stabilize the environment your wood floors are going to be installed in too. We also suggest you maintain these levels of humidity throughout the first year of ownership to prevent any Cracking at the Gaps, squeaking and all sorts of other problems that can arise.

To maintain the proper humidity in your household, there are a few tricks we recommend doing. First, buy yourself a Humidity Reader from your Local home improvement store. This is enable you to see an accurate reading of your humidity levels in your house or room. Oregon tends to have a little of all the seasons and its important to note that in the fall and winter, humidity levels can drop dangerously low for hardwood floors. We suggest purchasing a "Humidifier" and run it with Distilled water in order to keep the Humidity levels appropriate for your wood flooring. If your humidity levels are getting to high, or above 60%, the best way to bring it down quickly, even when it is cold outside is to Run your Air Conditioner. You don't need to turn down the heat, just turn the Air Conditioner on and the will pull moisture out of your home rather quickly!

Hardwood Floor Types

We offer different types of hardwood floors ranging from Real Solid wood floors to Engineered wood flooring. Generally speaking, engineered wood floors are made from the same hard and soft woods used to produce lumber. Scraps and miscellaneous wood leftovers from the Sawmill (including shavings, wood chips and even sawdust) are used for engineered wood made up of wood particles and/or fibers, but full logs are commonly used for Veneers, such as Plywood, Medium Density Fiberboard (referred to as MDF) or Particle board. Engineered wood floors are typically bonded together with extreme pressure and heat using a strong bonding resin to keep them together, thus offering different design options without forgoing structural requirements. Real Solid wood floors, on the other hand, are milled from a single piece of hardwood which can be sanded multiple times if needed. This is beneficial if you ever need your floor resurfaced and refinished due to surface damage. Like we mentioned above, one of the downsides of Real hardwood flooring is the tendency to expand and contract with different temperatures and levels of humidity. We take all these factors into consideration when someone asks us for a recommendation on what type of wood floors to install.

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